BugCon »» Security Conference at Mexico CityPeople who are behind BugCON are ready for receive you on next August 12th!

We have ready a lot of conference, now you can see the final calendar, in this edition we prepared workshops, you can learn the most advance techniques of intrusion and defense.

Ah! and BugCON has a lot of games, obviously the clasic Capture The Flag and other interesting games.

The biggest security conference in Mexico, very, very cheap tickets, important speakers and a lots of fun only in BugCON ’09

BugCON Security Conferences aim to be a different security event in Mexico; the idea is to offer a place where all security researchers can show the latest research without unnecessary formalisms, in a uncensored enviroment and with a high technical level.

Speakers who presented at BugCON are among the best and brightest in their respective fields. All the conferences are original, no copies. If you want to participate as a speaker please read the Call For Papers (CFP).

BugCON is a brand new event, but it has great potential for becoming one of the most important security conventions of the world. Your participation in BugCON will help you to maintain your leadership in security topics and give you the opportunity to exchange ideas with other security researchers with similar interests. Here you can see old archives about BugCON

BugCON ’09 will be celebrated on August 12th to 14th at Mexico City

More information: http://www.bugcon.org